Factors Affecting Drinking Water Availability Essay

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What factors affect drinking water availability in North Africa and what can be done to improve the situation caused by these factors in North Africa?
Report written by: Serge Shchesnyak
Conflicts over drinking water in North Africa have occurred since prehistoric times and are still going on today. These conflicts, such as the water conflict in the Middle East and North Africa, are fought over what we consider to be something that everyone has. Drinking water. The goal of this paper is to identify the key factors which limit drinking water availability in North African communities and to identify the possible solutions, such as desalination, to combat these factors, if possible.
This research investigation is limited to identifying the factors that limit drinking water availability and identifying the direct impact they have on communities. This paper will not discuss the science of climate change, unless the factor requires scientific understanding. Also, this paper only focuses on fresh water sources, and does not talk about sea levels, unless they affect fresh water sources.
Given the nature of this question, investigation and the variety of issues that have to be addressed, a multi-pronged approach was required. In this paper, primary and secondary sources are used.

Important Definitions.
Drinking water – water that is used for domestic purposes including drinking, cooking and hygiene.
Access to drinking water – the source of water is one kilometer…

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