Factors Affecting Course Preference of High School Students Essay

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TOPIC: Factors that affects High school students in choosing their courses in college.

A labour force survey suggested that the Philippines has the highest unemployment rate among the countries from the Southeast Asia (Ericta, 2013). Mismatch graduates are believed to be a reason why the country has high unemployment rate. The reasons of these mismatches might be due to the produced graduates of colleges that do not fit the present demand of the economy, or the graduates were not capable of achieving the required skills the industry needs. The incompatibility of graduates to meet the competencies needed by companies may be due to wrong preference of courses (Rosero, 2012).
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In contrast, Pascual (n.d.) showed that the availability of jobs after college is the main factor why students choose their courses. Students would choose the courses that will provide them sure jobs in the future which often leads to misfit graduates due to incompetency of skills.
There are numerous factors that could influence student’s course preference in College. This is relevant, especially for students; it can help them know what the suitable course is for them. Research suggested that Filipinos rely severely on their family. The factors surrounding their decision revolves around them. Most of the students would consider what their parents want before their own choice, some would have to cope with the one supporting them or if it is their parents can support them with their preferred courses. While some would consider the availability of job first. Pascual (n.d.) stated that the factor that students greatly considered in choosing their courses in college is the availability of the job after graduation. They prefer to take the popular courses (mostly on scientific field) regardless of their skills and intellectual capacity; which lead to schools producing misfit graduates. The effect of choosing the wrong course in college added to the growing number of unemployment rate in the Philippines. The results pointed out that career success can be achieved if the students will choose the right course that is fit for them.
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