Essay about Factors Affecting A Child 's Life

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There are several factors in a child’s life that can prohibit them from understanding a certain concept. These factors can stem from cultural differences to children living in low-income housing areas, or to children with physical and mental disabilities or handicaps. It is vital for teachers to be sensitive and aware of how to handle students of diversity. Music is a great way to help ease the diversity strain. One way to help is for teachers to get to know their students. Simply knowing their background and where they and their family are from can help them feel included and helps set them up for success. Music is universal, and songs can be learned from all around the world. By giving students respect, this helps a child’s self esteem. Unfavorable factors shouldn’t prohibit a child from their learning experience. As for someone who is a teacher, I believe it is important to consider these factors and believe in Bruner’s idea that any child is capable of learning.
Since school is a place where a student spends of majority of their lives, school should be a place where learners look forward to everyday. And because students spend a majority of their lives in a school setting, teachers make an immense difference in their student’s outcome. Students come from many different backgrounds and most of the time, it affects their learning. Woolfolk notes, “even when the gender, ethnicity, cognitive ability, and behavior ratings of the student were accounted for, the relationship…

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