Fact and Fiction Essay

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Facts, fiction and coding

When we turn on the TV, we immediately decode what sort of program we are watching. If we watch “Paradise Hotel”, we expect a reality show and everything we associate with the genre. We expect drama, fighting, sex, betrayal and so forth. If we turn on the News, we expect to be fed with factual information about the happenings in the world. If we see a film, we also have certain expectations. When we see a romance film, we expect love. When we see an action film, we expect a fast pace and violence. When we see a horror film, we expect to be scared and so forth. We call these genre expectations.
Within the world of media/literature, we deal with two major categories, facts and fiction. Facts tell us something
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The genre is known for taking its time and investigating subjects no matter their importance. It does not have to be a current issue in society here and now. It can also be historical documentaries, documentaries about death row inmates in the U.S, climate change and so forth. Each documentary has its own angle and perspective within a particular area, meaning that you will rarely find two documentaries that say the same thing or have the same angle. Since this genre can investigate a variety of issues, it has been divided into sub-genres to make the

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