Essay about Facing Your Fears : A Lesson Before Dying

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Facing your Fears: A Lesson Before Dying “A hero does for others. He would do anything for people he loves, because he knows it would make their lives better. I am not that kind of person, but I want you to be. You could give something to her, to me, to those children in the quarter. You could give them something that I never could. They expect it from me, but not from you. The white people out there are saying that you don’t have it-that you’re a hog, not a man. But I know they are wrong.” (Gaines 191) A Lesson Before Dying is about Grant Wiggin’s ability to overcome his own personal fears and his effort to make Jefferson a man in the process, as well as how the people around him are affected by his anger and determination. Accordingly, Grant believes that he does not have the power to help his community. Grant works as a school teacher on a plantation, and this comes with big responsibilities and pressure. These children that he teachers are extremely uneducated and come from poor family backgrounds. His love interest Vivian is also a teacher on the plantation. However, both of them have different perspectives on what teaching in the community can do for these kids and their families. Grant is not willing to face his responsibilities that come with being a teacher, boyfriend, and nephew. He’s focused on pay and status in society. Whereas, Vivian is not afraid to point out that teaching comes with a massive commitment. “People do it all the time. Just pack up and leave.”…

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