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Facing the Giants
( Alex Kendrick )

Describe the main characters of the story. What are their roles in the movie? What are the problems they encountered? How this they solved it?
The main characters of the story are Coach Grant Taylor, Brooke Taylor ( wife of Grant Taylor ), David Childers, Larry Childers ( father of David), and Mr. Bridges. Coach Grant Taylor is the coach of SHILOH S.C.A EAGLES. He has a wife named Brooke Taylor that always think she’s pregnant. Very supportive to her husband Grant Taylor. David Childers is a kid who dream to be a good soccer player. But he played football because it is the famous in highschool. He is small and he thinks that he can’t be part of SHILOH. His dad Larry Childers always there to
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The truth about God have found in this movie is we will see a real life testimony of god’s power and mercy. It has a lesson for everyone to learn from trusting god when you feel like your situation is hopeless.

Whose characters do you see yourself more? If you encounter same problem, what would you do?
The character I see in myself is Grant Taylor. Because like him, he encounters many problems and he struggles a lot. All the problems that I’ve encounter is the same as Grant Taylor. But in different case or scenario. But I overcome it because I always think that god is with me all the time and he will always protect me in bad intentions of others and I always think that I’m blessed, special and gifted.

What should be the response to adversities and trials according to the movie? Share your personal approach, response, and plans in overcoming adversities.
In my experiences in life, I always encounter some trials, problems and hard decisions. Problems always have a solutions. It is like a math problem. We have to find solutions of it. But in a good and proper way. Sometimes we always think that god don’t love us. And god is not there. We have to accept, we must to learn how to accept. We embrace the problem and accept it. God is always there. Just do pray and have faith. The prayer is the strongest way and effective to communicate to god. We will be enlightened if we accept god in our hearts. All the problems

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