Facing The Future : What Skills Will Your Employees Need? Essay

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Facing the future: What skills will your employees need?
This article focus on helping employees acquire critical and creative thinking skills within the workplace through learning and development in solving various problems within an organization and the exploration of several possible solutions. Thinking outside the box helps those that is trying to create a new way for an interesting issue. Without the creativity, as one learns in school as well as learning from his or her environments, that problem or issue will not unfold and fixed. We are ever evolving and ever learning, creative and critical thinking always changes from day to day. These possible solutions are discussed with several speakers Phil Jarvis, who is the Director of Global Partnerships at Career Cruising, states; employee’s need people who can problem- solve and innovate, collaborate effectively with others of diverse backgrounds, have a thirst for learning, are responsible, and dependable, and are fully committed to their employer’s success.” Harold Jarche talks about attitude is the core skill needed for creative and critical thinking an attitude that is always open to learning curious about the world-or, what he calls life in perpetual Beta”. Ruth Clark, states that critical thinking can be developed through problem-based learning: Stolovitch says, most jobs don’t require excessive creative thinking. Most of our real life skills are automated they require flexible application Problem-solving and the…

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