Facing The Fears Within Myself Essay

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Facing the fears within myself
Facing our fears is a challenge in a very complicated way in life. When we face our fears it is more complicated than you would think. It is more than facing the fears of thinks like just spiders or the bogyman in the closet. Instead it is about facing fears internally inside you. In order to deal with the challenge of facing fears inside yourself it takes an enormous amount of persistence and the ability to never give up. It also takes the ability to believe in yourself and to believe that you can truly go as far as you aspire. Challenges lead us as human beings to reach higher lofty places in life and reach the best of our potentials Human beings can rise as far as they wish but it is how much they think about their potentials to succeed that determines how much they rise.
Middle I was high up above the ground and I could not fell the ground bellow me. I felt an unexplainable feeling inside myself. Don’t look down I told myself deep inside. The biggest challenge to me was not the zip lining itself but instead it was to face the fears inside myself which takes an enormous amount of effort and persistence. At first I did not have the courage or bravery to move on either did I have the will. For a few minutes I just stood there on the zipping course looking down with pure dread from a high distance. I felt like I could not do this like I would have to go back or be reissued from this nightmare. All of a sudden there was a…

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