Facility Management Case Study

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I have enjoyed reading, The Facility Management Handbook and Building Type Basics for College and University Facilities. These are two books that have made me have a better appreciation and respect for the work that goes into facility management and how campuses lay out strategic campus plans to ensure that costs are contained, but to also ensure that campuses look great to attract students, but to also remember that there are infrastructures that need to be in place to also preserve the campuses, but also modernized them based on the goals and mission of a university.
I agree that a well-functioning campus is the result of a careful planned and keen managed plan (Neuman, 2013). It is very important for campus administrators to realize
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I have seen this occur, and I think this is a bad way of getting campus buy in especially if details have already been done and key stakeholders have not been engaged. For example, we are in the process of renovating our student center. One of the suggestion that I made was that we need to ensure that we have a place for our student support services as that we should have a one stop shopping for services for our students. We should provide services for our international students, African-American students, Latino students, Asian students, or any other group of students who have a large representation on our campus. Students want to have spaces where they can feel integrated or that the space is dedicated to them. It seems like some of the decisions that affect the redesign has already been made which would be a disservice since our focus now has been on enrollment and retention.
I enjoyed reading about preservation. I agree that a campus should retain some of its historical significance (Neuman, 2013), however, we must also realize that it needs to be a balance between keeping older buildings and renovated versus tearing down and rebuilding. If buildings can be saved, then they should, but the cost should always be important because also a lot of these buildings need updated
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The design of classrooms have changed to include auditoriums, flat-floor classrooms, tiered classrooms, and common rooms or lounges (Neuman, 2013). I think it is very important that classrooms can accommodate different teaching styles to encourage discussions among students (Neuman, 2013). I believe that it is very important that teachers understand that not all students learn or study the same way, and classroom space must be designed to suit those students and professor needs as well as to how they want to deliver instructions to their students.
With facility management, it is very important to institute a customer-based quality program that allows for multiple inputs from customers (Cotts, Roper, & Payant, 2010). Sometimes I think from a facility management standpoint, we don’t give these individuals the respect that they are due. The skills set, and the requirements to be successful in this role can be very demanding. It is very important also to ensure that the facility management plan is a part of a campus master plan, especially as it relates to renovations and site

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