Facilitate Learning and Development in Groups Ptlls Essay

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|Preparing To Teach In The Lifelong Learning Sector (PTLLS) |
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|Facilitate Learning and Development in Groups |
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(250-300 words)

Evaluate – Gathering information to give a measure of effectiveness. (400-500 words)

Justify – Give reason and/or explanation for an activity; process theory etc. (400-500 words)

Learning outcome 1:
Understand principles and practices of learning and development in groups

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|1.1 Explain the purposes of group learning and development (250-300 words) |
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|Group learning and development can provide many benefits to both the learner and the trainer. |
|The trainer, or organisation providing the training can benefit from economies of scale that come from delivering training to a group. |
|Expense can be saved on resources such as the booking of a location to hold the training, learning materials and electricity. The time |
|saved by delivering training to a group also will lead to a reduced wage bill for the trainer. |
|Delivering to a group also ensure standardisation of the training to all those

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