Facilitate Continuous Improvement Essay

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Project 1
For the following project assessments you will only need to undertake either Project 1 or Project 2 to obtain competency.

Write a 3,000 word paper explaining what continuous improvement means in the context of organisational success.

Explain how the concept can and should be applied.
Explain how it is possible to lead continuous improvement systems and processes encouraging employees to:
- participate in decision making processes
- assume responsibility
- exercise initiative
Explain how you will conduct an information session to communicate an organisation's continuous improvement process to employees.
Explain how you would identify and address sustainability requirements in light of continuous improvement
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The goal is to be a more effective and efficient learning organization.

There are two main reasons why businesses adopt sustainable business practice:
-because the business owner believes it is a responsible and ethical thing to do, or
-because there is a perceived business advantage. the following are advantages of applying sustainable business practice:
-Be more efficient and competitive
-Engage in responsible entrepreneurship
-Increase their financial return and reduce risk for shareholders
-Attract and retain employees
-Improve customer sales and loyalty
-Grow supplier commitment
-Strengthen community relations
-Contribute to environmental sustainability
The market
Consider the rapidly growing group of consumers looking to buy sustainable solutions. Many businesses are now looking to see how they can include this group in their target market by providing environmentally or socially superior products to their competitors. This can be seen in almost every industry. For example most banks have been through an advertising campaign in recent years showing how they contribute positively toward the environment or their local community.

This group are changing other consumers behaviors as well - and quickly. Look how rapidly plastic bags have become an optional item, when only recently almost every retail outlet didn't question the use of a plastic bag to package a customer's shopping.


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