Facebook's Business Strategy: Case Study: Facebook

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Register to read the introduction… customer service
- During the time of the case study - lack of real-time instant messaging
- Lack of the ability to customize their profile
- Flash animation banners are distracting and in the way of users
- Managing rapid growth of users – lack of enough servers
- Lack of maturity
- Daily user attention span
- Liabilities regarding it use such as bugs and problems that the users face in operating the website Opportunities:
- Portal to the masses – to have different types of people using the website
- Fan pages – using Facebook account to develop a fan page to expand their audience base
- To expand globally – translate into different languages
- To become a publically traded company – to increase capital
- Enhancements to advertising services – target advertising, interactive advertising
- Developing a strong structure and platform for applications
- Develop entertainment – Games, horoscopes, e-cards, etc.
- Developing additional software tools and services
- Continuing to acquire and purchase companies and to form more
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The company did not possess the maturity factor that was needed. Recruiting and hiring more experience members was essential. The foremost area that needs to be address in staffing was bringing on senior management who had the experience and expertise of running a company. Considering Facebook’s size and lack of experience in hiring these upper level positions utilizing an executive search in-house may not be the most feasible choice. Facebook does have the option of hiring executive search firm to search for them. The executive search firm would most likely be able to identify applicants more effectively and efficiently of job candidates than Facebook could have on their own. A drawback in using this type of outside resource would be the associate high cost in engaging this type of …show more content…
Facebook is in the stage of working on activities related to designing and implementing programs such as recruitment, selection systems, and training programs to meet short term organizational needs. The personnel plans of who to hire would require some forecasts or estimates of personnel needs, the supply of inside candidates, and the likely supply of outside candidates. It is important to forecast revenues first to determine the amount of personnel needed. This can be done through trend analysis or ratio analysis. Another way to conduct this would be to use computerized forecasts in order to customize the projections with additional variables. It is important to note that managerial judgment is needed throughout the

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