Essay on Facebook 's Views On Facebook

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Facebook today is connecting the lives of people like never before. The social media site allows us to befriend someone with a simple click of a button. Instant messaging; status liking, commenting, and sharing; public and private groups all allow us to stay up-to-date with family and friends on a worldwide basis. Facebook may connect us together like never before, but is the world-renowned site benefiting us in the long run? Are we truly connecting and building relationships from behind a screen? To what extent do we draw the line for personal relationships? Facebook is transforming the significance of personal communication. Communicating and staying in contact with people long distances – even on the other side of the world – is more convenient than ever with the help of Facebook. Facebook not only allows users to share what goes on during their day but also allows users to respond and react to their friends’ updates. In many ways, these features are quickly accessible to people throughout the day. On Facebook, a person can update and respond to posts when the time is most suitable for them. This differs from talking face-to-face where an entire conversation typically takes place in one sitting. While socializing on the Facebook network is time convenient for everyone, is it saving people time or wasting more of it? Facebook is meant to connect people by socializing, and I believe this is being accomplished, conversely, Facebook is achieving just the…

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