Facebook 's Streaming Experiment Means For The Future Of Live Tv

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The Article I found is “what Twitter’s streaming experiment means for the future of live TV”. It mainly talk about how Twittercast changed people’s watching TV methods. In recently, there are more than two million viewers has watched the NFL football game on Twitter, and a growing number of people use it to watch the first presidential debate (Lotz). Instead of the traditional watching method- watching show on TV, more and more people are willing to watch show through Twittercast.
The reason why the NFL has the right to play the show on Twitter is because they pay 10 million dollar (Lotz). They also indicate a couple of reasons why the programmer and Twitter make a deal. First, comparing to broadcast or cable, the programmer can gather viewers’ information such as who your viewers are and how they watch can be valuable to advertisers (Lotz). Second, the football has a largest fan base so that their fans are more willing to try something new(Lotz). Third, because NFL only give authorize to several license holders such as CBS, NBC or NFL Network, so that audience may lack the right to watch the games (Lotz). But Twittercast create a subscription-free for all the audience. They have no limitation to watch the show- at anywhere any-screen option- just like you are watching on TV.
However, this Twittercast has the huge disadvantage, that we cannot ignore it, is the delay. For the live show, people enjoy to know the result immediately. Twittercast has an around 30 seconds delay,…

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