Essay on Facebook 's Influence On Facebook

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Facebook People, Twitter People, and Instagram People
Do you know people who love to be on Facebook, who spend half of their time on Twitter tweeting, or who are always posting pictures on Instagram? Several of my friends or people all around the world fall into one of these categories, and some of them are so deeply devoted to their Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram that all this Social Media is basically becoming part of who they are. These people let us call them “Followers”, Which each social media has their own particular characteristics and personalities.
The Facebook people like to stay home or hours on their phones, scrolling down other people post, pictures, or videos. They are so drawn to Facebook as if it was a magnet pull their eyes to be so attached to their phone screens. Today facebook attracts older adults today, many of them today learn how to use their phones in where they learn to be so attached to their phones and social media that people state that “Older folks have taken over Facebook’”. As it started as a teen concept to bring in younger people, now has interfered in bringing older people in which there 's not the problem in that put today older people spend hours posting, and the most things they post are the so-called “Selfies” which has taken over social media. As some today try to avoid facebook in where it can cause several problems Like Employment, personal issues, which many face in where if they are trying to find a job some companies do look…

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