Essay on Facebook Privacy Policy And Ignites Concerns

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Title: Facebook Changes Privacy Policy and Ignites Concerns

Summary: Online privacy has become difficult to balance with the trend of sharing information on Facebook and other social media. Photos that you or your friends post could contain geotargeted information that identify where the photo was taken and could reveal personal details that lead to identity theft. Facebook also tracks communications, browsing behavior and other your activities. Facebook privacy issues continue to generate controversy, but consumers can check their digital and social profiles at to find out about any compelling privacy problems or issues.

A rash of recent leaks of private photos emphasizes how vulnerable your photos and privacy can be. Facebook, the premier social media network with more than one billion users, recently instituted changes in its privacy policies that could generate long-term implications for people who busily post photos and information on the site. Old photos and social sharing in the present can lead to embarrassment, negative impressions and invasive actions in the future. Facebook collects information about how you use the site as well, which could generate unwanted consequences and violate your privacy.

Recent Social Media Privacy Violations

Recent social media privacy violations include a Minnesota middle school student who has gained the backing of the American Civil Liberties Union in her effort to sue the Minnewaska School District. Identified only as…

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