Facebook Marketing Strategy

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MySpace created to build a large a social network site the year 2003. MySpace was a popular social network site to stay in touch with their friends, show off photos, add friends and music. MySpace users were allowed to create a profile where it allows them to design it according to their interest. (Noren, 2013) MySpace was the most popular social network site until Facebook took over. Today, MySpace social network main strategy is focus on music in relations with music artist and bands. Facebook was first launched in the year 2004 with its creator Mark Zuckenberg. Facebook’s social network was originally created for college and high school students. Facebook offers its users to create a profile by uploading photos, adding friends, information, …show more content…
Facebook is still the most popular social network globally due to its difference of age demographic users. Facebook social media users are between the ages of thirteen and older. According to a research from Jetscram website statistics from 2014, Facebook has 1.2 billion users from ages thirteen to fifty-five. (Jetscram) The site also mentioned that users twenty-five years of age and older mostly dominates the social media site. Additionally, I believe Facebook is the largest social media in the world because it is the best site for business organization to market their products.
Secondly, Facebook is the largest social network due to the attractions from business organizations. ‘Social networking has proven to be very popular with both users and advertisers.” (Since Facebook attracts different age group, business organizations can market their products directly to certain age
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For example, users can create a profile using their real name, sharing photos, adding friends, deleting friends, messages in their friend’s wall, timeline, games and more. Most importantly, Facebook maintain their popularity due to the changes and updates they provide for its users. Since 2004, Facebook makes updates or adds features to their social network sites. For example, in 2012, Facebook has teamed up with Instagram social network for photo sharing. Instagram is recently popular with younger generation. In January of 2014, Facebook added trending topics. (Physics) Trending topics are popular news or topics that are currently trending worldwide. Facebook maintain their popularity due to the changes and updates they create and add to their site. Facebook creates these marketing strategies to cater to their user’s needs and

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