Essay on Facebook : Harmful Or Helpful?

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Facebook: Harmful or Helpful?

Facebook gives everyone the ability to hide behind this mask, it’s also sometimes the core to bullying, and connect families. Theres good and bad things that come with Facebook, but the goods out way the bad. Also, theirs a saying I’ve heard all my life, “Don’t ruin it for everybody”, and that couldn’t be truer just because a group of people want to use Facebook for the wrong reasons doesn’t mean that it should be ruined for the people that are using it for good. “Facebook enables people to create profiles that comprise their personal information. Facebook users connect to other users, called "friends". Each user owns a "wall" that shows the user 's updates, comments, uploaded photographs, and more. Users can exchange information using the "wall" by sending messages or by using instant chat. Furthermore, users can create online networks of friends and join groups of individuals sharing common interests, common ground, or particular themes (Mack, Behler, Roberts, & Rimland, 2007). In addition, it is possible to upload files and to correspond through personal or general messages. With all these features, Facebook allows educational institutions and students to create a central platform for media sharing, communications around social and academic issues, and drawing the community 's awareness of certain subjects.” The students who created Facebook had nothing but innocent intentions when making Facebook. When making Facebook the idea was to keep…

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