Facebook And Social Networking Sites Essay example

1577 Words Mar 4th, 2015 7 Pages
Whether it is Facebook, Twitter or other social networking sites, interacting on many of these sites and the like, has come to control many people’s lives. People can spend hours updating and reading statuses, or even just viewing profiles and chitchatting. However, there are some who may find it ridiculous to spend some of their time on networking sites. Meanwhile, for others it is a lifestyle. These people can feel like as if they were alone in the world not knowing what to do. With smart phones, and tablets being connected has become easier than ever and can be at your disposal anywhere you may be; this also has increased the amount of time dedicated to social networking. Websites like Facebook and Twitter has allowed people to stay in contact with friends and loved ones, as well as unite those who have lost touch. However, these gains come with a price. There is practically no real privacy on networking sites. Anyone can see everything people post. Individuals have become so obsessive with social networking sites that may have ended up living and breathing this lifestyle. The obsession to networking sites has also progressed to children, who are creating social network accounts. Children can be ignorant to the dangers networking sites can bring, for instance, predators and the lack of privacy. Social networking sites, like Facebook, can make life easier by means of communication, however, they have downsides, such as people’s risk of privacy and time and how it is…

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