Facebook And Its Effects On Society Essay

1363 Words Dec 12th, 2014 6 Pages
OMG Grl Wut U UP 2? A language most teenagers today would understand, and most teachers would cringe at. Texting is a lifeline to people nowadays, especially teenagers who are glued to their phones twenty-four seven. Most people no longer see face to face to relay information, our generation can just send a text and not worry about actually talking or even making a phone call. Along with texting, Facebook is a way to make people meet new friends without actually seeing them. This may cause more harm than a good solid friendship as some might think. Technology such as Facebook and text messaging are distancing us from life and is bad by causing us to become less social, emotional and physical pain from using Facebook, and people are dying from texting.
When people text and log onto Facebook, isolation is occurring and the world around us is removed. A whole new world is entered and a new conversation is started with someone not even around us. “Teens and Mobile Phones, found that more teens report contacting their friends on a daily basis using texting (54%) than interacting with them face-to-face outside of school (33%) (Ling, n.d.) .Texting has become a big conversation blocker and is actually hurting the communication skills we all worked so hard to attain. Our society has become so bad that we text people while they are in the room with us so we don’t have to talk.” More than six in ten (62 per cent) of people polled admit that they were addicted to checking their…

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