Facebook : A New Weapon Of The Arsenal Of Persecutors Essay

802 Words Nov 3rd, 2014 4 Pages
The 21st century has added a new weapon to the arsenal of persecutors. Credit card companies can lower a customer 's credit limit based solely on where they’ve shopped. An employer can make his or her decision on hiring an employee using just social media footprints. Lori Andrews presents frightening information in her essay “Facebook Is Using You”. Through the use of statistics, anecdotal evidence, and appeals to the audience 's sense of fear, she successfully convinces the reader that there is a need for a Do-Not-Track law. Statistics are used throughout Andrew’s essay, starting with “Facebook made $3.2 billion in advertising revenue last year, 85% of its total revenue” (552). However, Andrews neglects to mention that that is a small percentage of the “$120 billion global digital ad market” (Barr, Albergotti). Google alone made $50 billion from advertisements in 2013, a whopping 40% of that $120 billion (Google Investor Relations). They are successful in this industry due to the large amounts of data that they receive through searches on their popular search engine, and through “cookies” in their popular browser. This shows that there is a large amount of money to be made with information from internet users. Another statistic that Andrews uses is a report that “72% [of people] wanted the right to opt out of online tracking” (554). This study, done by consumer reports, show that many people would be in support of her solution to the infringement of privacy, a…

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