Essay Face It, Art Is Art

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Face it, Art is Art To be considered an artist is debatable. If one can be considered an artist, and if their work should even be considered as art, is argued constantly, but the truth is, no one can define an artist as one solid definition. The exact definition of art is considered: a wide variety of possessions and effects a person can show, create or capture. So, when it comes to photography, it shouldn 't be questionable if the photos themselves are art or not. They should be, because of the fact that through an image, painting or photo, the artist is able to capture an emotion and allow the viewers to see and feel the emotions they wanted to express.
To begin this argument, the fact that most people know more famous pictures are known around the world better than paintings are. Because a photo can be copied and sent to different media and billboards, it has a better chance of being recognized by the economy. In the idea that photography is more advertised and known than paintings goes further to the different examples that are well known photos that most of the public might recognize. An example of some of these well known pictures is “Nessie” by Robert Rines, taken from 1970 and has even started a worldwide startle concerning that it was real. Some other examples of a photos that made it out there and are easily recognizable is Marilyn Monroe taken by Sam Saw, Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima by Joe Rosenthal in 1945, and the famous moon landing during Apollo 11 taken…

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