Face Education Vs. Online Education Essay

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Education is a very vital part of our life and no one can deny the importance of education in this era. Now the question is whether face to face education or online education is better? This topic has been debated for many years. People are torn when they have to choose the mode of education but, I believe that face to face education is best type of education because effectiveness of online education is still unclear and people do not prefer online education. There are majority of things that can only be learned by face to face education because only face to face education can make practical sense. In face to face education the only medium present is the communication between sender and the receiver. For thousands of years, face to face education was the mode of education until online education was introduced.
When students are asked why they chose to take an online class, the most common answer would probably be “convenience.” This response isn’t surprising considering that the main reason for online education is to serve students who are unable or find it difficult to attend on-campus classrooms. Online courses allow students the flexibility to attend school at a time and location that is best for them. Even though online courses are a growing trend, students need to consider the differences between online education and a traditional classroom education before deciding which form of instruction to take.
It is true that now a days, online education is commonly offered in…

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