Essay on Face Class Vs Online Class

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Face-to-Face Class VS Online Class
Although you are good at math, you will feel so difficult when you are studying math in an online class. With the technology development, people can learn many things by different way like study math online. Studying math online is a new way to help people to arrange time to study, yet they will learn math easily and efficiently if they take a face-to-face class. I think it is more useful for people to take a math face-to-face class than online math class, because people can find a large of help on campus, get more idea which will help them to solve the math questions more quickly and flexibly and know how to improve the capacity to communicate orally. First of all, students are able to get more help to study math more clearly from a math face-to-face class on campus. People might watch video or pictures in math online class, but most of people had to read a lot of words to learn math in an online class. Therefore, they must use a long time to study more clearly. Although they use more time to study it, they are still in trouble because of some point which is so hard to understand. In contrast, students are able to ask classmates or professor to help them to study more clearly. Whether their classmates help them is useful than studying by alone in online class. If they are confused in some parts of math in a face-to-face class, they will look for help in professor’s office hours. The teacher has the special idea about some parts of math…

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