Face Against Face And Sns Essay

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Face to Face vs Sns
Kazuki Nakanishi
Do you know the place where people communicate with each other the most in the world? Surprisingly enough, It does not have real land and sovereignty, and it’s merely one social networking service website called Facebook whose number of the user exceeds the most populous country China. Even though Chinese government censorships and regulates Facebook, one out of six people all over the world utilizes Facebook (Kelly, 2014). According to recent research, 91% of Facebook users said that there are current friends on Facebook, and 87% of users access it to contact with friends from the past such as classmates or former colleagues (Duggan, Ellison, Lampe, Lenhart ,Madden, 2015). Recently technology advance indubitably has had an enormous impact on the way of our communication. Despite a few similarities, the communication style between face-to-face and sns is some crucial and determinative differences such as the style of conveying emotions, the number of connection and self-disclosure. The socializing through confronting and texts are decisively unsimilarity in that how to convey emotion to other. The traditional way of conversation can utilize nonverbal communication that contains the tone of voice, the facial expression and so on. When people chats with face to face, our communication is composed of 7% from verbal, 38% from vocal and 55% from facial (Mehrabian, 1977). Nonverbal communication, especially facial expression is the significant…

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