FOCUS And SWOT Analysis

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AF healthcare service and delivery measures look at current trends with patient care regarding lifestyle risks and behavioral health during routine visits. Outcomes prove that AF’s performance is steadily improving with comparable results to Health Care Data and Information (HCDI) 90th percentile benchmark and a mission to meet and exceed Healthy People 2010 goals (NIST, 2006). In contrast to nationwide trends in chronic illnesses, AF has seen consistent improvements in BMI figures, obesity rates, communicable diseases and diabetes with their patient population due to enhanced clinical responsibility. Recent healthcare reform and the rollout of the Affordable Care Act of 2010 (ACA) re-enforced the concept of high quality care for all
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The AF strategy system has lead the organization to have a strong foundation throughout the three Arizona counties it serves and influence with in the community. Some of the major elements in the strategic planning process throughout the year include the inputs, outputs, and leaders involved in the process. SWOT analysis is also incorporated for validation of growth potential and expanding its services to other geographical regions of the state. Thus, AF could possibly incorporate the Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) strategy to benefit the organization and catapult AF towards further healthcare success. ERM allows leaders to identify various growth possibilities both internally and externally, while identifying potential events that may affect an organization and manage risk. The American Society for Healthcare Risk Management (ASHRM) identifies some of the factors to incorporate with ERM such as mechanisms that work towards key structures and developing an organization to incorporate applications towards enterprise work, which are necessary for organizational success. In addition, “ERM in healthcare promotes a comprehensive framework for making risk management decisions which maximize value protection and creation by managing risk and uncertainty and their connections to total value” (Roberta, 2014). Identifying ERM risks and opportunities will allow AF to examine future operations as well as provide flexibility structure to guide and support the organization in identifying opportunities to advance remarkably. The framework also indicated how ERM will encourage risk management authorities to define and adapt the basic structural elements to fit specific organizational needs, something that would potentially benefit AF as a thriving healthcare organization in an outpatient environment. Setting

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