FGCU Life Essay

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What to Do After this FGCU Life Since I was a young child, I knew that I wanted to be a teacher. I could see it every time I pictured my future. I knew what I had ahead of me. However, others aren’t always so certain. When we are young, we want to be everything and do everything. As a young child, some would declare their career will be the typical professions shown to us at Career Day, such as, “Doctor, dentist, veterinarian, fire fighter, etc.” But, that idea doesn’t always stick with others as they grow and see more of the world. By high school, and graduation day, we are expected to have our future set for us. Yet, when we are filling out college applications, we get stuck, at what the world expects us to know the answer to, “What is your declared major?” …show more content…
There is so many things out there to be discovered, and finding which suits you and your interests, makes an impact on the career you see yourself pursuing. For this essay, I am going to put myself in the shoes of a student who is ‘’undeclared’’ and is exploring all the possibilities of what may be the right fit for a future career.
Since I was a little girl, my parents always stuck the phrase, ‘’ Go to college!” in my head. In fact, all parents do that. Some more than others. It seems that they are more focused with drilling the idea of ‘’college’’ in our head than anything else. I don’t recall being asked what I truly want to do with my future as much as I

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