F. Scott Fitzgerald 's The Great Gatsby Essay

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F. Scott Fitzgerald is known for his interesting twists on writing. Taking basic elements, then adding his words to create a striking image in a reader 's mind. He himself said in a letter to his editor, “In a small way I was an original (Keshmiri, Fahimeh),” which is very true. His writing techniques may have been used before, but he used his own strategies to capture his famous deep, meaningful messages (Keshmiri, Fahimeh). F. Scott Fitzgerald has impressed the world of American literature through his unforgettable vivid style, especially in The Great Gatsby. The majority of Fitzgerald 's novel is autobiographical. He shows details about his past in almost every character, even the party goers. For example, Fitzgerald and the narrator of The Great Gatsby, Nick Carraway, have very similar backgrounds. Both came from privileged families from the mid west and headed east after attending Ivy League schools (Lutz, Norma Jean). Jay Gatsby also reflects Fitzgerald’s past. Tom Buchanan made Gatsby feel unwelcomed around the rich. This is similar to Fitzgerald because, “throughout his childhood and adolescence, when his family 's lack of social position prevented him from truly feeling at home among the wealthy and upper class ("How "The Great Gatsby" Functioned as an Autobiographical Work.")." Fitzgerald even reveals things about him through the insubstantial characters. Growing up, he had a “starstruck” attitude towards the rich, just like the people who attend his parties…

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