Essay on F. Scott Fitzgerald 's The Great Gatsby

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Within F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby the narrator, Nick Carraway, is an intriguing character because he is immersed in the story, but still takes the ancillary role. Within the opening few pages he sets himself up to be a perfect narrator who is observant and well-suited for the job of the narrator. By being observant he sets up this façade of being a perfect and reliable narrator. Nevertheless, through the language that Fitzgerald employs there is cause to state that he is in fact non-reliable and the first few pages solidify this claim. Therefore, in this essay there will be a focus on the fact that although Carraway is an observant person, he may not be reliable.

Carraway essentially sets himself up to be the perfect narrator when stating, “I’m inclined to reserve all judgement”. This is a particularly interesting quotation because he has manipulated the words into a way that allow him to have judgements, but on face value they are indeed simple statements that represent he will not judge, but when focussing on the adjective ‘inclined’ it can be stated that he has no moral obligation to the idea of reserving all of his judgement, in a matter of fact, as a Yale student in the 1920s he would have been surrounded by rich aristocratic people who all had very strong judgements, so by being less of a politically driven person in relation to Tom Buchanan he becomes more understood. Within his place in society he would have been in a position of lower status, but he…

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