F. Scott Fitzgerald : The American Dream Of Money, Fame, And Success

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What is success? What does it mean to be successful? What does the American dream have to do with success and the idea that as Americans we are stereotypically successful? In Winter Dreams by the famed F. Scott Fitzgerald, a young man tries to chase the American dream of money, fame, and success to no avail. First of all, it needs to be noted that F. Scott Fitzgerald may be seen as a great American author to some, however others do not see him as the most popular. In a biography of Fitzgerald titled F(rancis) Scott (Key) Fitzgerald published in 2004 in Detroit by Contemporary Authors Online, Fitzgerald hasn’t always been the fame that he is now. They say, “Although today most college-level American literature survey courses usually include at least one of his works, during Fitzgerald 's lifetime he was regarded mainly as a portrayer of the 1920s Jazz Age and of flaming youth, but not as one of this country 's most important writers” (Contemporary Authors Online). The resemblance of the Jazz Age and flaming youth has been present in Winter Dreams as it has been summarized in a few lines by Joseph Flibbert in A Reference Guide to Short Fiction published in Detroit in 2004 saying, “"Winter Dreams" rehearses the themes of obsessive preoccupation with the power of material wealth, and anticipates the tragedy of ones truncated career and life” (Flibbert). With that being stated, the short story titled Winter Dreams by F. Scott Fitzgerald incorporates the theme of the American…

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