Eyfs Assignment 2 Essay

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2.1 – Critically examine how children can be kept safe and protected within the early years setting.

It is vital for children to be kept safe in the early years setting, it is possible for them for to be at risk for example if there was not enough staff in their setting, if the staff were not police checked or the environment / equipment is not safe.
As a Childcare provider you would need to carry out risk assessments to identify what risks there are to children and what measures can be put in place to ensure that the risk is reduced. The registered person has a responsibility to ensure that the policies are in place, that staff and parents adhere to them and have the opportunity to contribute to them. As mentioned previously, it is
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Examples of “good” strangers may include police officers, security guards, teachers, store clerks, etc. These are all examples of people to turn to if when your child needs help.
Other safety issues children need to be taught from a early age are:
Internet Safety - Unfortunately, the Internet can be a very dangerous place. It’s prime hunting ground for hackers looking to entertain themselves on your system, identity thieves, and child predators. Computer skills are a good skill for children to learn from a early age and will come in handy throughout their educational and future professional careers. A child needs to know they should never give out identifying information, such as name, address, phone number, school, etc over the internet. Older children will be interested in chat rooms, message board, and networking/personal blogging sites (i.e. myspace, bebo, and social networking sties, etc). If you allow your children to utilize these sites, they should keep their profiles “private,” only approve “friends” and/or chat with people they know in the real world, and be extremely careful with the kind of information they post.
Safety outdoors: Children need to be aware of dangers when out and about as well as stranger danger there other things that can harm children: Ponds / lakes – Children need to be kept back from them as they can fall in and drown. Young children have no concept of the

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