Eyewitness Accounts Of The Haitian Revolution Essay

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Essay #1 “Eyewitness Accounts of the Haitian Revolution
One of the key contributors to the expansion of the French Empire is the Haitian colony of the Caribbean. After the invasion of Haiti by the French in the mid-16th century, permanent settlements were then developed including enclave trading colonization when the French Indies Corporation was founded in the 1660s. With international trade underway slave labor was needed to cultivate the plantations within the colonies. The black slaves bore the burden and the labor of the plantations, additionally suffered torment and torture from their dehumanizing white masters. In 1789 in 1790 in an effort to extend the liberty and freedom of the French Revolution abroad, the French national assembly granted political rights to free black men of the colonies which helped ignite a successful organized overthrow of white supremacy in the French colony and of Haiti. The Haitian revolution signified the first independent black Republic. This uprising is displayed in the piece entitled “Facing Racial Revolution” by Jeremy D. Popkin, as the author Chronicles eyewitness accounts of individuals struggling to reconcile the fact that the Haitian revolution shattered irrational misconceptions that the blacks would challenge the white imperialistic hierarchy.
This book is broken down by the author in different chapters, with each chapter detailing eyewitness accounts recorded from various individuals. The authors of these various eyewitness…

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