Eyewear Industry Analysis Paper

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The retail industry has been changing drastically over the last few years. With technology constantly changing, those in the industry have to continuously change the way their business is ran in order to continue to be successful as well. I have conducted a strategic analysis on the current state of this company and included a few suggestions. First, we have to know which products are performing well and which are simply not hitting the mark. Data showed that according to the product type and the amount of revenue earned, eyewear is the most successful selling product with a revenue of $478,802,165. Following eyewear is tents with $298,255,381 in revenue and watches with $295,255,381 in revenue. These numbers are based off of revenue worldwide and are not specific to just one country. The lowest selling product types based on revenue would be first aid bringing in only $4,593,828 …show more content…
Judging from the map included, countries like Brazil, Australia and China have lower gross margins, because they are green, almost blue, which indicates the lower side. The United States has the highest margin at 2,603 percent, followed by Canada at 2,048 percent gross margin. The United State also has the highest revenue for the company out of all countries as well. When it comes to product lines and gross margins, the data has been split up and categorized into two years; 2012 and 2013. The data is also categorized into four quarters. From earlier on in the report, personal accessories brings in the most revenue. Personal accessories also has the highest gross margins, with quarter 2 of 2012 being the highest. Golf equipment and mountaineering equipment had the lowest gross margins. In 2013, personal accessories also had the highest gross margin with quarter 3 being the highest overall. Again, mountaineering equipment and golf equipment had the lowest

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