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Corneal abrasions
One of the most common eye injury occurring while playing sport is the scratch of the cornea or corneal abrasion in medical term.This injury consist of the scratching of the cornea by the finger or the fingernail of a player.An abrasion can be small or large depending of the gravity of the scratching.This type of injury ensues when the corneal epithelium is abraded and it is more common in basketball (Brummit & Ericksson p.150) where the players in general without face protection are constantly jumping or defending on another player to get the ball.Along the same side a study from Zagellbum the national basketball association eye injury study reveal that during their study of 1092 nba players with ocular injuries
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Throughout that paper it has demonstrate the importance of vision acuity in sport and the most common type of injuries that occur while practicing a sport.thereby, we find out that basketball and baseball cause the most eye injuries flollow by racket sport and water sport.In another hands the most common of sports eye injuries are blunt trauma , corneal abrasions , hyphema.Thinking about completely eliminate eye injuries in sport is a kind of unreacheable goal but most of eye injuries are preventable. While we can live in a word without sport that’s a source of entertainement and also a way to make money , most of eye injuries are preventable.In fact by wearing glasses or lenses while playing a sport the risk of having an eye injury dercease enormously.the best treatment is prevention by always wearing googles and safety eye glass designing protective eyewear Most eye injuries from sports are minor—such as corneal abrasions from scratches to the eye, or eyelid lacerations. But others have major consequences, including orbital fractures, retinal detachments, optic nerve avulsion and optic neuropathies, all of which can result in serious or even

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