Essay about Exxon Mobil 's Public Relations

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On March 24, 1989, one of the worst recorded oil spills occurred in Prince William Sound, Alaska (Seitel, 2011, p.100). A 987-foot tanker from Exxon Mobil Corp., the Exxon Valdez, spilled 260,000 barrels of oil after the intoxicated ship captain “ran aground on a reef 25 miles southwest of the port of Valdez” (Seitel, 2011, p.101). The oil spill damaged over 1,300 square miles of coast line and caused the death of various sea life, including over 4,000 Alaskan sea otters (Seitel, 2012, p.101). Exxon Mobil’s public relations approach to the crisis received criticism and the mistake affected the company nearly twenty years later. The first criticism against Exxon was the fact Chairman Rawl did not go to Alaska himself after the disaster, but instead sent lower ranking executives in his place. Seitel (2011) states it is important to “…defend, and maintain an organization’s reputation” (p.96). As a top manager of the organization, Rawl should have gone to Alaska to ensure the public that the company had direct involvement with the clean up efforts. The organization should have sent Chairman Rawl to the port of Valdez to show the company was genuinely concerned enough about the issue to involve top level management. Another mistake Exxon made revolved around how the company interacted with the media. The company decided that the site of the oil spill would be the media headquarters. However, this decision was an issue because “Valdez was a remote Alaskan town with limited…

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