Extrinsic Motivation Of My Parents And My Parents And Parents

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Motivation “Loved ones.” The most basic but meaningful response I received from my parents and my friends were their loved ones. Their intrinsic motivation differs from time to time as if that is too difficult to define in words. In fact, most the responses I received from both generations were extrinsic motivations. My parents were fairly more extrinsic motivated than my two friends. I believe it is because when you are younger between the ages of 18-21 one should be fairly more independent and self-motivated to do the thing they desire. First, my two friends were as blunt as ever and both are Hispanic women of the age of nineteen. When they were asked to define motivation for me. They had the similar mindset of future success, family …show more content…
They have the things of their own I never thought about until I became an adult. In fact, they had undoubtedly similar answers every time, yet I asked both of them at different times of the day and when they were home alone so my stepfather would not try to steal the answer my mother said. Both my parents said that one could be self-motivated and motivated by outside forces. When I asked what my mother what motivates her intrinsically. She would not deliver a response, and I would ask her again at the end of the day to give her time to think. The same goes for my stepfather, yet I let him sleep on the conversation and refused to deliver any response at all. At the same time, both gave me a response about their extrinsic motivations. To the both my parents loved ones maintained their eagerness to strive to maintain and improve their way of living. Therefore, I believe, as we get older we start to care more about others giving ourselves more extrinsic …show more content…
This, shows between my parents and two friends other than one friend. My parents strive to stay in the social class they are in and slowly try to improve their way of living. They try to provide an exceptional way of living for my brother and I, yet at the same time improve the way they live at the same time. On the contrary, my two friends can make the major strides they need to improve their way of live for the future. In which establishes an intrinsically motivated mindset. The similarity is that they were both motivated by family. Apparently it does not matter on the generation because the value of loved one has always been important. Thus, I support both their views I know I need to be selfish and selfish at the same

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