Extrinsic And Intrinsic Motivation

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Motivation is an internal process that involves energizes, directs and sustains behaviour (Santrock, 2006). Each of these components is equally as important. Energize triggers, you and gets you going, direct is about the choices you make, what you do, and sustains is making sure the continuum of the task or activity is worked on over time (Duchesne & McMaugh, 2016). In the educational psychology there are many key concepts that fall under motivation. Some of them being Traits, states, affects and interest and more. Two of the most commonly talked about concepts are extrinsic and intrinsic motivation. Within the educational profession there are many opinions towards the topic of motivation. There are many view point of using extrinsic or intrinsic …show more content…
As the children can be at risk of growing up to becoming adjusted into always looking for approval from others. This external motivation can make children more compliant. However, this will mean they will lack values and self-control. To some extent I do agree with what Sullo’s (2013) opinions on how extrinsic motivations can over shadow the intrinsic motivation (Duchesne & McMaugh, 2016). When student’s rewards are not given for a particular behaviour or for a certain learning target then they end up back to the initial level of motivation (Duchesne & McMaugh, 2016). However, with intrinsic motivation the children are motivated through their curiosity, excitement and the satisfaction of completing a task (Duchesne & McMaugh, 2016). In addition, I believe that it is important for the teacher to have knowledge of the student to be able to generate intrinsic motivation within the student. This is because the teacher need to be able to know what the students like and dislikes in order to generate the intrinsic motivation (McInerney, 2014). For example, when teacher sets a research topic the students like verse a topic the student has no interest in. From looking at intrinsic and extrinsic motivation, I can see that extrinsic motivation has an …show more content…
However, in the long run I do see intrinsic benefiting the student as lot more as it teaches them to be more competent and autonomous. However, I would say it the best way of triggering motivation is not to just only use intrinsic or extrinsic motivation, but instead to use a bit of both. When there is a balance between intrinsic and extrinsic motivation, the student is able to be motivated and won’t risk any future

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