Extremist Forms Of Islam : The Islamic Star Of David, And The Muslim Star And Crescent

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“Coexist.” It is a word often found written on bumper stickers in a variety of religious symbols. However, for some followers of the beliefs behind the cross, the Star of David, and the Islamic star and crescent, coexisting with one another seems like an improbable outcome. This is especially true in a post 9/11 world where many fear extremist forms of Islam will result in more terrorist attacks and Christians worry their way of life is threatened by the tolerance of Muslims. There are some Christians going so far as to become militant in order to combat against other religions they see as a menace to a Christian way of life. Then there is the constant fighting between Muslims and Jews in Israel. With the onslaught of misinformation being fed via social media and faulty news reporting, is there a way for these three religions to finally coexist in peace? If adherents to these faiths would take the time to educate themselves and delve into their mutual histories, then the answer is “Yes.” There are several reasons why these faiths can find common ground. An initial look finds that all three religions have Abrahamic foundations. Then there are their theologies, which contain many similarities. Beyond this, comparable practices help link these faiths together while corresponding ethics do allow them to live at peace with one another. In all, by finding their shared origins, these three faiths can find a shared future of peaceful coexistence. One of the strongest arguments for…

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