Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close Essays

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Extreme Grief and Incredible Love Death in any person’s life is tragic, whether sudden or unexpected. Everyone experiences it at least once throughout a lifetime. In the novel Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safran Foer, the reader meets several characters that lose people very close to them. Each person has a certain way of dealing with the death, but overall his or her grief is out of love. These two emotions are triggered by one another. Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close displays few characters that show any sign of moving on with their lives. Grief takes over and seems to stay forever. Characters such as Oskar, Grandfather, Mr. Black on the floor above, and Ms. Black in the Empire State Building experience grief …show more content…
He has an “extremely difficult time doing certain things like taking showers…and getting into elevators” (36.) When he goes to find all the Blacks he does not want to use public transportation because it makes him “panicky” (87.) Little things like this psych Oskar out and remind him of his dad. He grieves very passionately and describes many moments of “bruising himself” because he is so upset (173.) The emotion of grief is so strong it causes the character to physically abuse himself. An argument may be he is doing this because of how much he love. Nonetheless these two emotions are very controlling of Oskar’s life and cause him to go to ridiculous measures to try to find anything relating to his father. The next character to go through a terrible loss is Oskar’s grandfather Thomas. It would make sense that this person was the grandmother, but instead it was her sister Anna. The last time he saw her was before Dresden was bombed and she had just told him she was pregnant (210.) Eventually he lost his words and could no longer speak. The first word to go was Anna and every other word left one by one after that (16.) The grandfather had to carry a blank book him and got YES and No tattooed on his palms (17.) He has lived the rest of his life without words and letters. This characters grieving period is so strong it forces him to be

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