Extreme Programing : Practices, Values, And Principles Essay

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Table of Contents
Introduction 2
Extreme Programing: Practices, Values, and Principles. 4
Values 4
Practices 5
Principles 8
Optimal Methodology Utilization 10
Advantages of XP 11
Disadvantages of XP 11
Comparative analysis 12
Conclusion 14
Works Cited 15

Extreme programing is a lightweight agile programing methodology that values simplicity, communication, feedback and courage. Extreme Programing emphasizes excellent application of programming practices, alongside with team work to deliver high software quality. Extreme programming (XP) includes philosophies, practices, principles, and values that path the excellence of coming together to develop software.
Extreme programming was developed by Kent Beck during his work on the Chrysler Comprehensive Compensation System (C3) payroll project in 1996. Chrysler brought Kent Beck to tune up the project but as he worked with the team he noticed a number of issues and implemented changes in their practices. In 1999 Kent Beck published Extreme Programing; the first book to explain the methodology.
At the core of Extreme Programing lies values, practices, and principles. Values are situational and define what we like and what we do not in a giving circumstance. In a larger scale, values create a judgment criterion in what we think, see, and do. Additionally, practices are those actions we do every day. Practices must be clear, objected, and accompanied by values so they do not become rotten. In between values and…

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