Extreme Poverty And Its Effects On The World Essay

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Each time you see images on TV and on the internet with hungry people, with no food, running water, often in tattered clothing and no shoes, living in mud houses in rundown communities (slums) you begin to have a sense of what poverty looks like. Poverty and mortality rates continues to increase throughout the world even though have these powerful images and great resources.
Poor- is who is simply due to lack of resources boar means, remains all the time struggling to meet their biological and minimum social needs,
Miser- Who doesn 't have money are not fed, clothed or adequately lives with his family, not spent on education or health, or enjoy cultural property.
It is said that the existential poverty can be critical, extreme or relative...

Is when the person does not have the resources to get the basic consumption basket, which includes the cost of food, housing, health, clothing, and others?
• EXTREME POVERTY: Is when the person does not have the resources, even for food expenses.
• RELATIVE POVERTY: Makes no distinction than the consumer basket according to social and geographical situations no communities which people belong.

Factors that cause Poverty:
• Malnutrition- malnutrition is a disease caused by deficiency in the intake of calories and protein. It mainly occurs individuals with low income and children’s in developing countries.
In children can begin even in maternity. The consequences of child malnutrition are:…

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