Jingoism-Extreme Patriotism: Benito Mussolini

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Jingoism- Extreme patriotism, especially in the form of aggressive or warlike foreign policy. Although rarely used in our lives, this is the best word to describe Italian dictator Benito Mussolini. Mussolini was willing to do anything for Italy’s growth as a country. For his extreme efforts to build Italy he is falsely remembered as one of the most diabolical dictators, in history responsible for thousands of deaths. He was interested in obtaining power so he could make Italy into a dominant nation and used various measures to obtain this. When he had power, he transformed Italy into one of the most powerful nations in Europe. Although it is true that he did cause several deaths, it was for the purpose of gaining land for Italy. He was willing …show more content…
Although the word dictatorship often refers to a misguided government, there are cases where it works for the best. Italy was one of these cases, where dictatorship worked. The Italian monarchy was an outdated system, and King Emmanuel agreed that Italians needed something fresh. This influenced people’s likeness of the somewhat mysterious fascism. Fascism became the staple of Italy proving to be a success. The system unified Italy, giving all Italians a common goal of working towards strengthening their own country, and not just for the wealth of themselves. The fascist government also got rid of several arguments and bad chemistry between people, because there was no choice over who should be leader and what form of government they should have. Mussolini thought he was doing Italy a great service saying, “The truth is people are tired of freedom” (Benito Mussolini). This new mindset worked to Italy’s advantage because bringing people together increased the efficiency and quality of the work. These improvements Mussolini created, made Italy into a national powerhouse. With increase in chemistry and Mussolini’s knack for gaining land, Italy was able to form a stronger military and was able to gain …show more content…
Mussolini was obsessed with military power and conquering as much land as he could. He said he had a “thirst for military glory” and this was evident. He conquered Ethiopia, Libya, Somalia and Albania but lost thousands of men in the process. He tried everything to gain more land and increase the size of Italy, but some of the measures he took to gain more land were unnecessary, and cruel. After being caught by the allies, and put into prison, he cowardly tried to escape, but was captured by communist Italians, and hung because of his fascist dictatorship. His military expenditure also hurt the italic economy, and forced several people into poverty. He Joined WWII at the last moment, to be on the German side, but Italy was not prepared for a war, and the soldiers were not able to get the needed preparation. Mussolini was a great leader, and a good man, but he went to war several times, and many of the fights and conquering’s he insisted upon were unnecessary and made Italy regress from the advancements he

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