Extraterrestrial Hypothesis Essay

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According to an article on LiveScience, "One in 10 respondents say they have personally witnessed an alien spaceship." As well as "79 percent of people think the government has kept information about UFOs a secret from the public." Extraterrestrial beings or aliens and UFOs have been a part of American culture since the 1940s. The people who believe in UFOs believe in the extraterrestrial hypothesis, which states that unidentified flying objects or UFOs are a way of transportation for extraterrestrial beings. During the 1940s and 1950s, there was a rise in both unidentified flying objects and believers of the extraterrestrial hypothesis, but both should not be taken seriously because both can be explained as a by-product of Cold War paranoia, …show more content…
Within two years, this committee formed a comprehensive study of 59 UFO sightings and released its results as the Scientific Study of Unidentified Flying Objects—also known as the Condon Report. The Report was named after Edward U. Condon, the physicist who was head of the investigation. The Department of Defense states the panel included; Gerald M. Clemence, Chairman, and professor of astronomy at Yale University; H.R. Crane and David M. Dennison both physicists at the University of Michigan; Wallace 0. Fenn a professor of physiology, H. Keffer Hancline and Mark Kac a mathematician at The Rockefeller University; E.R. Hilgard a professor of psychology and Oswald G. Villard Jr. a professor of electrical engineering at Stanford University; C.D. Shane a professor of astronomy at Santa Cruz and William W. Rubey a professor of geology at UCLA. Simlar to the Robertson Report, the scientist were all non military scientist who were considered experts in their respected fields of study. Unlike the Robertson Report, the Condon Report was set up not to investigate their own scientific research on UFOs, but to question the study that Colorado had done by looking into three specific fields of interest; "scope, methodology, and findings of the study as reflected in the Report." In other words, The Condon Report was a way to double check the University of Colorado 's independent study on UFOs. The Scientific Study of Unidentified Flying Objects was reviewed by a special committee of the National Academy of Sciences. A total of 37 scientists wrote sections in the report, which included investigations of about 60 UFO sightings in detail. The Condon report concluded that "the scope of the study was adequate to its purpose, the methodology and approach were well chosen, in accordance with accepted standards of scientific investigation, and concur

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