Extranet Solution Essay

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Extranet solution – CSR24
Kimberly Giunta
April 10, 2011
Professor Missakian

Table of Contents

1. Summary of research paper 2. Background of ABC Agency 3. Current business issues 4. Definition and history of the extranet 5. Proposed solution – CSR24 6. Recommendations

1. Topic of Research Paper
This research paper will talk about introducing an extranet to enhance the current business options available to clients at an ABC Agency, an insurance brokerage firm. I will discuss the background of the firm, their current processes and their current and future goals. Implementation of a program called CSR24 will be discussed along with how it will benefit ABC Agency and service their clients to keep
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Customers expect everything instantly. Provide them with instant products, services and solutions—or else.” (Hills, 1998) Currently people like to log onto the internet and search, shop, purchase and conduct business. Most people are now receiving their bills online with no paper being mailed to them. ABC Agency works on an insurance based software system called AMS. The employees are trained to service the customer through phone calls and emails that come in. The office is open from 9AM to 5PM Monday through Friday. What happens to the customer who needs and insurance ID card on Friday night at 6pm or a customer who decides to purchase a vehicle on a Saturday and needs an Insurance Binder for the financing company to drive off the lot? Currently ABC Agency is not set up as a 24 hour operation. Management did not want to incur the significant amount in additional salaries to have a 24/7 operation.
ABC Agency worries that they are losing their competitive advantage that they used to have to other similar companies that have the 24/7 service or who are fully automated and online to receive real time documents. The big competitors such as Geico allow the customer to log on to their site and modify their insurance policies, view the, retrieve ID cards and even pay their bills 24/7. 4. Definition and history of an extranet
“Extranet is community of interest created by ‘extending and intranet’ to selected entities external to an

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