Extranet Communication Case Study

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Register to read the introduction… Indirect Horizontal Communication This indicate communication between each level of department and different level of another department. Such as a middle management in department 1 communicates to other foreman supervisors in department 2. For example; in Toyota Car Company, the leader in department is indirect other department of …show more content…
For example, our Toyota Car Company will have communications with our suppliers of raw materials and spare parts and with all of our customers. As our organization grow, the number of communication links with the outside environment increases. It is important that the extranet communication should be integrated with the internal communication. For examples, our received an order from a supplier (external communication) has to be processed and executed within the organization (internal communication) and then the documents of sales, plans and invoice have to be sent to the customer (external communication). So, external communication is preferred need that communicates with suppliers and customers. Extranet communication helps in improve company efficiency and output by automating procedures that were done manually in the past. They can help in improving relationships with main or potential suppliers by giving them correct, precise and efficient information. This helps in cutting down the meetings time and is also helpful when doing our business having with partners located in different countries and in different time …show more content…
They are also very helpful to illustrate profits as they use percentages. | They cannot use to compare that whole with another. Not use to compare one year and another year products. | Line graph | It shows specific values of data well. It reveal trends and relationships between data and compare trends in different groups of a variable. It can clearly show error values in the data. It usually simple to read and understand. It can also give you a nice visual representation of a function or equation. | Line graph are confuse in business. It can only be used to show data over time. You can change the way the data of a line graph appears, by not using consistent scales on the axis. Labeling trends to convolute graphs, difficult to discern exact values for data. | Table | It is easy to read and easy to compare the different types of production of years. It has exact numbers no points on a graph. | It does not click with the more visually-oriented audience. |

Now know that Boss has needed a check-list and need to prepare a kind of check-list let him know how we prepare that case. Following is a sample check-list when we go to travel and then will explain how to improve the visual communication with new

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