Extracurricular Activities Essay

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Extracurricular Activities Schools offer so many different, extra things, from drama, to sports, speech, FFA, BPA (Business Professionals of America), etc. A lot of kids are involved in all of these activities. Some are even involved in more than one of those activities. But, there are also a big percentage of kids that aren’t involved in anything. Do you think kids should be involved in extras? Or let them decide what they want to do? In a lot of schools there are kids who go out for everything that they can, some who go out for just sports, some just non-sport related activities and then some who don’t choose to participate in anything. There are many different reasons to why kids don’t go out for these activities. Some think that they will get made fun of because they aren’t as good as other kids, some are to shy or don’t have the money to participate. Another, big reason why kids don’t participate in these activities is they don’t have any support from there home life. They don’t get the encouragement they need to keep going when it gets hard. You can get extremely discouraged by your other teammates if you’re not as good or they are too jealous and try to put …show more content…
Kids/parents think you must have money to be in all these different activities. That is actually not true. Schools make it so everyone is able to participate if they desire to. Each school has an organization that helps kids who aren’t able to afford things like shoes, tickets to go somewhere, uniforms or even a sack lunch. At South Page our club that helps out is called the “Booster Club.” They have helped out kids throughout the years get shoes to wear or help pay for sports enhancement at Shenandoah Medical center, which helps you gain abilities to play sports. Not having money is not an excuse for not going out for any activity that you really want to be apart of. Talk to your principal to help find a way to be able to

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