Personal Narrative: Go The Extra Mile

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Go the extra Mile. I have always had this poster in my room. whenever I used to come back elated after winning a game of cricket or topping in my exams and saw this poster , it used to keep me grounded and made me question myself “ Have I taken the extra mile”. This made me work harder and not rest with my laurels.

As in everyone’s life a day comes when you have to decide as to what you want to become or achieve. When my dad asked me casually during our supper as to what did I decide to do with my life. I kept thinking about it as to what is that I can do which can reduce human suffering. Lots of thoughts crossed my mind. During this time I had to meet my family doctor after spraining my ankle during a cricket practice session. His approach and the way he set about to ease my pain had sealed my fate. Yes, this is what I want to become. It was my Eureka moment. I felt I can be a good doctor as I empathize with human suffering.

My dad reminded me that to know what you want to is one thing; the most critical is how you go about achieving it. I have chalked out my career path. With meticulous planning of my study schedule and honing my analytical skills I came out in flying colors in my pre medical entrance
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Going further I wish to be a clinician in academic setting, as I am interested in teaching and also want to take part in the administrative opportunities available at the program.

I think I am well suited for Internal medicine residency. My interest in diverse field, hardworking nature, ability to face challenges and constant self-motivation would make me a worthy addition to your team. I am also a friendly person and team player.

I want to get into a Residency Program, which would challenge me to go that extra mile and which will groom a hardworking and dedicated student into a successful academician who could use his skills in shaping the future of generations to

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