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Extra Credit: From Slave to criminal in One Amendment The black race in the United States have been through a lot of rigorous times since the time of the founding fathers of the United States of America. The black race was brought from Africa to work on the plantations here in the United States. According historians, the blacks were subjected to hard labor over the years. One of the founding fathers named Abraham Lincoln was the one that issued Emancipation Proclamation that ended this Slavery business in the United States. According to historians some many states in the south were not happy about this progress and they rebelled. For the rebel states not to see this as development has a temporary order channeled to hurt them, Lincoln then pushed for the 13th amendment which totally expelled slavery in the United States; Even though the Emancipation Proclamation affirmed slaves as free, the 13th amendment sealed slavery and involuntary servitude illegal in the Unites States and their jurisdictions. The amendments on the constitution was intended also to bridge the gap of equality under the law to slaves that were newly freed according to historians.
On the 13th amendments, one of the most important amendments in the United State of America’s Constitution is the 13th amendment. According to history, the founding fathers wrote the constitution in the year 1787 and in the constitution they did not specifically mention slavery but they gave protection to the southern…

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