Extinction Is Necessary For The Earth 's Natural Order Essay examples

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Extinction is necessary for the Earth’s natural order. It is used as the world 's way of weeding out the weaker species that are unable to adapt or evolve to environmental change thus consequently dying out to make room for the newer better-adapted species which is key in providing the earth with a more sustainable and better-equipped equilibrium. With five mass extinctions notched into the earth 's belt it can hardly be denied that evolution and extinction are anything but a necessary, yet dark, way of life. Therefore, what makes modern wildlife extinction so different in comparison to previous times? A dramatic root to the environments imbalance in extinction can be linked back to the influence of man. In modern day humans hold the ability to manipulate the natural world for self-fulfilling purposes that affect the survival and extinction of wildlife. Thus, a re-assessment that questions the potential benefits a reduced human contribution to the natural world could be the best cure for the epidemic of wildlife extinction.
Ecosystems are a relatively stable state yet there are times their resilience is tested, for the most part, these stressors are ‘natural’ yet when humans are introduced into the equation it then becomes ‘unnatural’ and can tip the natural order. According to, Brown and Williams for a system to be classified as resilient they need to be a; “stable states are two or more contrasting dynamical regimes in which the system can maintain itself, under the same…

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