Essay on External Threat Of Business Organizations

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Another external threat to business organizations is the prevailing economic conditions in the host country. This is a threat to both the talent pool and ability to hire new and qualified employees. Moreover, the failure of a company to take advantage of the advances in technology in addition to laying down employees as new technologies take their place is another threat to the staff and the organization in general. Workforce demographics is another external threat that companies face, especially in the developed countries where most of the workforce is aged and have a small number of youthful population due to birth control policies that have been in place in the past.
Methods to Detect Internal and External Threats to the Organization
To detect the internal and external threats an organizations faces, it is important to conduct a SWOT analysis whereby the management analyzes the company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. This becomes crucial for developing a plan of action to counter these threats. The human resource department conducts its own SWOT analysis to determine the best human resource practices that improve or weaken its functionality. As such, the management would look into the strengths of the human resource practices, such as how well the HR staff handles employee complaints and requests.
AGC should encourage questions from both present and potential employees as a way of providing efficient customer service. The staff is another big strength…

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